Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are They SERIOUS ?!?!?!?

I chose not to post the full video, if you would like to view it in FULL, do so at your own risk...

It seems like 2009 is going to be the year of girl groups, some good ("Dear Jayne" check em out) some bad (like these girls).

This is "Jane 3". I don't know jack about them nor do I care, but can someone tell me how old they are, because during the verses they look 15, but during the chorus they jumped 10 years ahead and look 25 which is very non-age appropriate by the way

I'm a little upset that I even sat through this atrocity on BET. All I have to say is Music seems like it's getting good again. It seems like were quickly going back to the way music was made in the golden era (the 90's). Lately the public is doing a good job weeding out the good sh!t and the bull sh!t, and this is the latter.

These girls are going to make it as far as I can throw a shot put.


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