Thursday, April 9, 2009

And..... They're Back!!!

So I was gonna be a jerk and place this under the "can girl groups make a comeback" section, but that would be kinda rude, funny but rude. Well Incase you haven't already heard, everyone's favorite Independent Women Destiny's Child have decided to give it another go and reunite less than 4 years after calling it quits. BARE IN MIND that this reunion was not by choice no, no, no, no, no.

You see many moons ago when "Girls Time" (the name they went by in the mid-late 90's) originally got signed to Columbia Records, Papa Knowles and the label agreed to a 5 ALBUM deal. 1998 saw their boring debut, 1999 saw "The Writings On The Wall" (still their best album imo and most successful in America), 2001 saw the pop-friendly "Survivor" and 2004 saw the soulful "Destiny Fulfilled". Now as you can see that's only 4 ALBUMS, so due to their 12 year old contract they still have ONE more album to record, and due to the recession Columbia Records wants it out this year, or really early 2010, becuz they know as well as we do that this is one group they'll see some profit from.

Soooo Ms. Kelly gets dropped last week and Beyonce's latest album is not doing to well compared to the previous releases and Michelle's first "r&b" album (which was released in October) has sold roughly 70K in the U.S. to date. So this reunion comes as absolutely no surprise to me. I expected this news to hit us EXACTLY this year around this time. So when everybody was commending Queen Bee for going back to record "Destiny Fulfilled" after selling nearly 10 Million WW with her solo debut album, its not because she wanted too, it was because she had to. Its also funny that this news comes along after Kelly is reported to be on suicide watch....... You know the Knowles clan is full of secrets and scandals. I believe they had this planned the whole time. I bet you their 1st single is already recorded and was written by Solange.

Do YOU think this was planned or coincidental ?


  1. Personally I don't see what all the hype is about. I feel for a group to reunite, they need to be apart more than a meager two or three years, and stop reuniting anytime the star gets bored. TLC's Fanmail and 3D qualified as reunion albums because it had been a grip between Fanmail and the '94 CrazySexyCool. En Vogue's future projects count as reunion material since there last album with the four original members was Funky Divas. New Edition reunited, twice, after a long hiatus. IF they want to do something spectacular they'd get ALL DC members back together (with the exclusion of Farrah)

  2. Destiny's Child is now and has always been a vehicle for Beyonce..her father is the manager and her mother dresses them.. if it was my daughter I'd do the same thing..

    Kelly never had a chance with Matthew as her manager

    Solange.. is as irrelevant Michelle..