Thursday, March 12, 2009

Top 10 Rappers Of All Time (Brutha #3)

What’s up yall, I’m the 3rd and the youngest “brutha passing judgment” Now when I was putting this list together I wasn’t aware that I could include female rappers or rap groups, so that made it even HARDER for me to compose. When I was composing this I realized it’s all over the place, but I also realized that THIS IS MY LIST, So who cares what anyone else says, lol.......... FYI Before you read this list YOU’VE BEEN WARNED that most of my choices are either rappers or groups that were signed to Bad Boy Records, or are from New York, lol.

10. T.I.

This is the man who re-defined the word “swagger”. Now 4 years ago you could never get me to say T.I. was even in my top 100 favorite rappers list, but as time went on his lyric’s and popularity skyrocketed, and unlike Lil’ Wayne, this was one bandwagon I jumped onto quickly, which really wasn’t hard because unlike most I was following him since he released his 1st single “I’m Serious” with Beenie Man back in like 2000. Either way he’s come a long way and really deserves this spot for what he’s contributed to the game post 2000. Hopefully he will get outta jail by like September on “good behavior” just like every other rapper.

09. Fabolous

This is one of the few rappers where I own the original copy of every album he’s released (even the mixtape “More Street Dreams”, lol) Fab came out during a phase in my life where everyone was having house parties, and with interesting, quirky punch lines like his, a Fabolous song with him effortlessly spelling out his name was always a party starter. Not only does he know how to please a crowd, but he’s been consistent with his material since day one. From his 1st single down to his latest, he’s displayed some nice club bangers, but has also proved he could flow hard, and make songs for the ladies. All the ingredients of a successful rapper balled up into one. New York Rapper #1 of many.

08. Foxy Brown/Lil’ Kim

These are the only two females to make my list. Now, the thing is I like Foxy more than I’ll ever like Kim, but when narrowing a list down to TEN rappers, I have to place them together. Hardcore is my fav rap album by a female in the 90s. Whereas Broken Silence is my fav rap album by a female to emerge from the millennium, so I just joined the 2 together to end my misery. They both have their own pro’s and con’s and I could only imagine what life woulda been like if they actually put their petty BD aside and actually did that Thelma & Louise album, it woulda been a killer. Surprise New York, New York again, lol.

07. Blacksheep

One of my favorite rap groups and the first “parental advisory” cassette tape that I owned was “A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing”. Although I feel the duo has never matched the creativity of their debut, I can say that to me they will always be deemed one of hip-hops most underrated rap duo’s ever. New York again

06. Wu-Tang Clan

Love ‘em. Although Wu has one of my most hated rap song of all time (Da Mystery Of Chestboxin’) I still think that their catalog is major. I first took notice of them when they released “Triumph”. I was one of the people who bought Wu-Tang Forever during the 1st week it got released, and it was a really good album. So good it made me jump back into their discography and buy “36 Chambers” which was equally as good. They completely lost me with “The W” album, but all is forgiven because 8 out of their 9 members had either good albums or enjoyable singles to make up for where they went wrong in the millennium. Note: I will NEVER be a fan of U-God. This right here is like New York to the 10th power.

05. NAS

Nas is of the only rappers to always spit knowledge on a track, no matter what the circumstances seem to be. One thing I’ve always respected about Nas is that he evolved musically as a rapper. He never released an album spitting regurgitated bars. He was always original and he always found a way to make his songs and album into interesting stories. “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” is clearly a hip-hop classic, and even his last album had its standouts….. okay that’s a lie, but he’s still Nas, lol. Although lately I haven’t been feeling his material as much as his early work he’s still the man, oh and I’ve officially forgiven him for releasing that rubbish called ‘Nastradamus”. NY again…..

04. Jay-Z

I feel like nothing has to be said here. We all know Jay’s greatness and he’s got an amazing catalog. So this is a well deserved spot. However he’s going to bump himself down to about spot 8 if “Blueprint 3” isn’t a banger. He does have one of the hottest chicks in the game though, so he’ll always stay top 10, hahahaha (New York again…..)

03. DMX

This was the first rapper I was a huge fan of after BIG’s death. When DMX came out on the scene I was 13, thinking I was a grown man, and DMX was the perfect person to follow (back then). I think I know at least the chorus and a verse to every song on his debut, which is another one of my favorites. DMX is one rapper where if I had to choose just ONE favorite song by him, it would be so hard. I can do it for everyone else on this list, everyone but X. He might not be on anyone else’s top 10 list, but ask anybody who tore up the rap game from in the late 90’s and they would have to go with DMX as one of their choices. He came, he saw he conquered and now he’s on some next ish, ugh! It’s so embarrassing. X you’re in my prayers brutha. NY Stand Up!!!!

02. Twista

Now I’m aware that people might laugh, and holler at the fact that Twista is my second favorite rapper, but if you are familiar with his music, you’ll understand. Twista is very underrated and I must say it takes WHOLE LOT of skills to rap so detailed and so damn fast, so you gotta respect that. I can admit as much of a favorite he is of mine I don’t know much of his work when he went as Tung Twista, but once it hit it hit HARD. I was also not one of the people to jump on his short lived bandwagon after he released “Slow Jamz”. I was a fan way before that. The moment I heard him featured on “Po Pimp” I thought it was a member of Bone Thugz (which is a group I also used to be a big fan of). After I found out who he was, I just couldn’t turn away. He’s also another rapper that has consistently put out above average albums and pretty good singles, a well deserved non New York second place.

And The #1 spot goes to……….


I was just 9 years old when I first saw the video for “Juicy” and from that moment on I knew I was gonna follow this dudes career. Although I used to have to hide to listen to this album, it was so worth it. I can go on and on about how I think he’s the greatest, but why bother waste time… Listen to the first 3 songs on “Ready to Die” that says it all…

P.S. If I had to do a list of 15 rappers, I would have definitely added…. Snoop Dogg (I still can’t believe there wasn’t enough room for him, that’s my dawg), 2Pac Shakur, A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep & either Pharcyde or Lost Boys (probably LB), but this is what it came down to folks….

*goes to blast Machine Gun Funk*

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