Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will & Que Get Into It on MTB4

So, I just finished watching whatever number episode just aired of Making The Band 4, (sigh)

I don’t even know why I’m blogging about these catty men (because that’s exactly what they’re acting like). You would think the split of their ex-label mates Danity Kane was a wake up call showing them that they need to get their act together, but of course not. In the episode that aired at 9 pm tonight, Will and Que get into a heated argument over not having "dance rehearsals" at 12:45 am. Now if anyone had woken me up to dance at 12:45 I would have reacted a lot less calm than Will did. I feel for Que though, because it seems like he's constantly trying to prove his manhood to his other group members in the house. I seen a little bit of it last season, but this season since there's no Danity Kane (despite what Dawn and Aundrea want to believe, lol) it's a lot more evident that he's somewhat of a lost soul. Judging by the preview for next week's episode, the BITCHASSNESS ain't over just yet.

It baffles me that these 5 talented bruthas (I’m really not a fan of Que, and this episode made things worse) can’t put their ego’s to make and stop bickering with each other, make an album (a good album), tour and most of all make MONEY like they all want to do. I saw this "poor plea" coming even before Diddy made Day26, look at the label their on... Nuff Said...

If you missed the fight, peep the important part of it below. As my boy said, "the battle of the light skinned bruthas has just begun", lol... One thing I can say is dull Dawn definitely gained some points in this episode.

Brutha#1 says:

Yeah Brutha 3.. I was beyond distracted at all the head and neck-rolling and lip smacking going on with Que. He keeps trying to prove his manhood...perhaps thats the problem..maybe he keeps trying to FIND his manhood..I dont think for a second that he wanted it with Will. I think Will would have beat him all up and through that aprartment..but I digress.

This band actually got solid potential b/c as Puff stated earlier there aren't any groups out and they really have a chance to make an impact. Problems with groups like this is they werent friends or acquaintances to being with and were put together so they have the growing pains of learning and working with strangers in intimate settings.

Give me Que and Will arguing any day as opposed to Brian and Brian needs counseling IMMEDIATELY.. he is a time bomb waiting to happen. .. when he goes into his eighth octave its a wrap, dude sounds like a banshee.

Can Puff just fire Donnie already.. he has no buzz and is pretty boring

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