Friday, March 13, 2009

Can Girl Groups Make A Comeback ? (Vol.1)... DEAR JAYNE

15 years ago girl groups like Jade, Xscape, SWV, Brownstone, TLC & En Vogue were making their mark in the billboard charts. Pumpin out hit songs we still know and love today. 10 years ago 702, Destiny's Child & even the Spice Girls were making their mark in the industry. Within the last few years we have had little to no girl groups compared to the 90's.

Brutha 2 and myself (Brutha 3) have a soft spot for girl groups (not too sure about Brutha 1, he's very sometime-ish, lol j/k) but I have hopes that one day girl groups (with substance) will make a comeback onto the music scene which leads me into this post...


Dear Jayne (from l-r) Lindsey (19), Ashlee (22) and Jasmine (22) are an r&b/pop trio now hailing from none other than ATL. Some sources say the group was formed in 2005 others say 2006, but at this point that shouldn't matter because still NO ONE KNOWS THEM.

Dear Jayne is mentored by The-Dream (not sure why) and started to record and release material in 2007. In Feb 2008 Dear Jayne released their first single "Rain". The beat driven mid-tempo track didn't fair too well on the charts. The single only peaked at a dissapointing number 99 on the Billboards hot r&b/hip-hop songs chart. Their second try was the uptempo "Fallback" (featuring The-Dream) which was released in August of '08 and charted even lower than their first single.

Now The-Dream hasn't given up just yet on Dear Jayne. They have decided to spice things up for 2009 by releasing a brand new song "Double Take" (rumored to be their new single). The sound of the moment right now is "International Pop", artists are not thriving to just please America anymore now they have realized that if you want to get PAID in this fickle industry you need take thangs across the globe.

"Double Take" has a very rock'n'b-ish vibe to it. If they label decides to release it sometime soon (like within the next 2 weeks). They could possibly have a female summer anthem on their hands. Although my only complaint is I'm not sure what Ashlee is singing about in the 1st verse, and maybe they should consider altering it. "he's the only one with strut on the range", "sho thinkin something mean in those jeans". I'm guessing they mean his car is nice and he's well endowed I'm not sure lol.

You see I'm from Canada so maybe someone can fill me in on what they mean (If I don't understand how would Europe) lol. With those minor changes maybe this time they may get noticed at least.....

What Do YOU Think ?

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