Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Album Review: Trey Songz "Ready"

Trey Songz is back with his 3rd solo record, entitled "Ready". Finally I think Trey gets it. Vocally this is the most consistent album he has released so far... below is my track by track breakdown

1. Panty Dropper (interlude)- clearly he is making a statement out of the gate...R. kelly influence is so prevalent here.

2. Neighbors Know My Name- Trey exclaims because he loves his girl so hard and her screaming makes the neighbors know his name...LOL... I can definitely hear this on the radio. He connects on the falsetto and the music is great. Certainly a late night banger.

3. I Invented Sex feat Drake- Here songs teams up with rapper of the moment Drake and creates a listenable record. Drake and Trey blends well together. No vocal challenges here but I wouldnt necessarily hit skip on the Ipod.

4. I Need A Girl- At first I was really digging this track but as I listened to the whole album I noted the desperation to re-create his hit Can't Help But Wait from his last album and I got turned off from it. But this is a Johnta Austin penned track so it gets a pass.

5. One Love- is produced by Bryan Michael Cox. The song is catchy and features a rock edge which works well with Trey's vocals.

6. Does He Do It- typical Trey... solid and catchy

7. Say Aahh- produced by long time collaborator Troy Taylor. Solid and good verse from Fabolous.

8. LOL:-) (feat. Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Tell 'Em) - I tried to resist this tune, but it just seems to seep into your head and won't let go which means it will likely be a hit. Tune feat Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy. It sounds like a nursery rhyme but I do think Trey recorded for effect and not meant it as a defining record

9. Ready to Make Love- Another Interlude

10. Jupiter Love- babymaker.. straight up

11. Be Where You Are- Here Trey experiments with a faster electo dance sound and surprisingly it works for him..i dont need an album of it but it works in context of the album

12. Successful feat Drake- not much else to say about this track.. its all over Radio and deserves to be.

13. Black Roses- song about dying love....Trey sounds great on this track.. Troy Taylor really knows Trey's strengths as a vocalist

14. Love Lost-solid track

15. Hollerlude- another interlude

16. Holla If You Need Me- for some reason i keep getting a 80's vibe from this production. I LOVE IT

17. Yo Side of the Bed- MY FAVORITE TRACK ON THE ALBUM. This song is like a Prince meets R. Kelly. Trey puts emotion and delivers a stellar vocal on this track. Wishing his girl was still on her side of the bed... just a great record.

I expect this album to put Trey on another level, which I think he deserves. He has grown tremendously. I have been on Team Trey since Day 1 and while I have had issues with his musical choices in the past I think he is learning and growing and the result is this album... so get READY for Trey Songz.....

9 out of 10.... FIRE


  1. So would you say this is a worthy buy or download?! lol... the "LOL :-)" kinda throws me off, as far wanting to listen to the cd...

  2. i think its worthy of $9.99 but I am a staunch supporter of downloading if you can find