Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10 Favorite Michael Jackson Videos

Thought I would take this time to reflect upon 10 of my favorite MJ videos. We have lost the last of our icons in the passing of the King of Pop. In Tribute here are my 10 favorite vids

1. Smooth Criminal- It was hard to choose between this and Remember the Time but I think I give the edge to Smooth Criminal. This dude was poppin and gliding long before Ciara, Ginuwine, Usher Chris Brown...and BETTER than all the aforementioned. The "lean" was the highlight. I was mesmerized when I first saw it. Who was Annie?..lol

2. Remember the Time- The dance breakdown in this is AWESOME. I remember the world premier for this video in 92. Visually a stunning video and having Iman and Eddie Murphy didnt hurt. Also one of the best New Jack Swing era songs.

3. Beat It- This one the first time MJ resolved conflict by jazz dancing...lol.. this is such and iconic video this is what inspired black boys to want to be like Mike.. the jacket, the moves, the coolness.

4. Thriller- probably one of the greatest videos ever, certainly one of the most expensive. This video really changed the game for music videos FOREVER. How fine was Ola Ray in this video..lol

5. The Way You Make Me Feel- One of my favorite MJ songs period. This video was simple in concept but some how it transcends simple and become a work of art(i guess that describes MJ). Why was that fine girl doing in the alley by herself...lol

6. Billie Jean- i mean its Billie Jean.. and who didnt want to walk and have the street light up...lol. MJ was having baby mama drama long before Maury..lol

7. Scream- we wondered when it would happen and in 1995 it finally did. MJ and baby sis Janet not only did a song together but a video too and it became a smash hit. Janet was hot in a futuristic way.

8. Earth Song- many people dont care for this song nor this video but if you watch it closely and get the concept it is a pretty deep video. I just love the way the Earth gets destroyed and then come back to life. Conceptually its one of MJ finest works. MJ was "go green" before it was popular.. this man is a trendsetter people..lol

9. Bad- The second time MJ solved a conflict by jazz dancing. This was originally suppose to be a duet between he and Prince but Prince backed out so MJ took it and turned it into a hit. Now the video is pure COMEDY, I must give props to Wesley Snipes b/c he acted his ass off because there is no way I could have played that part without laughing at Michael and his attempts at being "bad", especially at the end when Michael is getting all call and response..lol

10. Rock With You- just a brother in what appears to be a glitter one piece and glitter boots.... this was before MJ was a SUPERSTAR and videos were kinda just like this.. especially R&B videos.

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