Friday, October 30, 2009

Hottest Interludes

I'm not gonna rank these but thought I'd throw out a few of the hottest interludes. Interludes were HUGE in the 90's.. almost every album had one or

I Dedicate Part 1,2,3- Brandy. The year was 1994 and I had those interludes on REPEAT. They really showed off the smokey alto that Brandy had and what a developed voice for 14 years old.

Thank You (the JG interlude) This was featured on New Edition 1996 album Home Again. Point blank Johnny Gill tore it up.. nuff said. I almost classified as a song but since they called it an interlude so will

Thank You Lord/You Are My Joy/Faith- Faith Evans For me Faith's interludes were always great. I wish You are My Joy was made into a full song. It was so beautiful.

Anything- SWV This one was later made into a full song and was a banger but for me the Interlude reigns supreme. Coko sounded great and harmony was fantastic.

Anything- Carl Thomas The album was a press play banger and all of the interludes worked amazingly well. Carl isnt the strongest singer but his voice is used to its max potential

Intro/Sermon- R. Kelly I just love the way Kells preaches and sings at the same time

All 112 Interludes These dudes are the kings of interludes for me.. need more proof check any of their albums