Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Soundtrack of the Day: New Jack City

I was watching this movie last night and remembered what a great soundtrack accompanied this film. There were break out cuts, like Christopher Williams finally hitting #1 with I'm Dreamin and Color Me Badd ruling the world with I Wanna Sex You Up. For me the crown jewel in this soundtrack was Keith Sweat's There You Go Telling Me No Again. Keith Sweat is a favorite of mine and this is one of his best songs. I was constantly hitting rewind on the cassette player. Another stand-out was Johnny Gill's I'm Still Waiting. I also liked the New Jack style of the Queen Latifah/Troop/Levert Medley. This was one of those soundtrack that defined the sound of the early 90's.

Random Movie Note: During the trial scene, the actress who played Nettie in the Color Purple is sitting behind Ice-T in the courtroom. She was in what looked like traditional African wear..i dont know why but i found that funny as hell and incredibly random...

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