Thursday, March 19, 2009

Brutha #1's Worst Remakes part 1

Yeah I'm back...I really don't mind people remaking songs but they need to come close or surpass the original. The list below reflects my thoughts on some REALLY bad real order just a list

1. All Cried Out by Allure & 112. Originally this song was done by Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam. This song really didn't need a remake. The original is a CLASSIC. Allure and 112 provided a weak vocal in comparison to the original. Plus they missed the essential passion of the original. When Lisa Lisa cried.. "her body never knew such passion, her heart never knew such pain".. you could feel it. I think Allure & 112 failed miserably.

2. Tell Me If You Still Care by Monica. Originally done by SOS Band. This was a terrible remake but I think Monica's youth played against her here. I didn't think she pulled off the yearning of the original. Production wise something seemed off too.

3. Emotions-Destiny's Child originally by the Bee Gees. This is one the worst remakes ever IMO. While I give them props on the harmony.. this was just overly affected. Beyonce's wailing, Kelly trying to out do Beyonce, and Michelle sounding like a startled was too much

4. Ginuwine gave us a double play of horrible.. he had the audacity to think he could pull of When Doves Cry AND She's Out Of my Life. While the latter was better than the former I think he treaded on sacred ground and lost. Ginuwine covering MJ actually looks good on paper b/c there are some similarity but the execution was terrible. Sorry G.. you lost twice

5. Knockin Da Boots- Pretty Ricky. Quiet as kept I actually like Pretty Ricky but they must have been smoking if they think it was a smart idea to remake H-Town sex jam of 1993.

6. Got To Give It Up- Zhane. This breaks my heart because Zhane is one of my favorite acts. They are usually on point but their tribute to Marvin Gaye fell flat for me. It almost didnt even sound like Zhane. Good news not too many have heard this version. They are too talented to release such material.

7. Our Love- Mary J Blige. Sorry, vocally, Mary is just not Natalie Cole

8. Open Arms- Mariah Carey..... why oh why Mariah. The original by Journey was schmaltzy enough it didnt need the MC ballad treatment.

9. Right and a Wrong Way- Mario......sigh.......say what you will about Keith Sweat and his voice he had a way with songs and made them his own. I dont think Mario did horrible.. but some songs are so identifiable that they shouldnt be remade. This is the case with this song. It should not be remade.

10. Secret Garden- Silk.. After the 1990 original no more versions of this song. There was a female version too with Patti Labelle and Teena Marie that should be destroyed along with Silk's version.

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