Wednesday, March 18, 2009

20 Questions

To honor what use to be my fav Magazine from 93-00..VIBE.. I'd like to present a 3Bruthas Passing Judgement 20 Questions for 90's music/pop culture.

1. Why was Brownstone so loud?
2. Why was Michael Jackson considered New Jack Swing?
3. Why did Mariah really bring rap/sing collabos to prominence in the 90s and it continues to this day?
4. Why was Veronica Webb ever considered to be a Supermodel?
5. Why did the 90's have so many damn groups?
6. Why did the 90's have so many good group?
7. Why is the 90's the golden age for Hip Hop?
8. Why was rock music so moody in the 90's?
9. Wasn't VIBE the music BIBLE?
10. Why were the Clinton years the BOMB for black people?
11. Why did rap in the 90's go from great to good to hood?
12. Why were soundtracks bigger than the movies they were associated with?
13. Why was Kelly Price the go to background singer for BadBoy?
13. How come we thought Badboy was never gonna stop?
14. Why were teen acts so talented in the 90's
15. Why was FOX the network on Thursdays night?
16. Wasn't reggae hip hop the ish in the club for like 4 years straight?
17. Why was the 90's all about the REMIX?
18. Why were jeeps so popular?
19. Where art thou' Cross Colours and Karl Kani?
20. Why was R&B so damn sexy?

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