Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chocolate Legs

In general I'm not a fan of Eric Benet.. all his songs sound the same to me and I find him hit and miss..but I think he scores here...This is a hot video... I am convinced this is Taral Hicks in the video.. my homeboy says its not... but I think I remember that dark sexy body from Belly (minus the grease).. either way this sista is banging and I'm quite surprised Eric Benet used a dark skinned sista considering his track record...but i guess it goes with the song...

This was a great post my Brutha. I have been following EB throughout this whole album and when I heard this was going to be a single I was real excited about it. The video is really mature, and I'm glad his label let him make it so sexual. I'm also shocked that he used this girl in the video but this is the purpose of the song, so I ain't that surprised.

And this isn't Taral Hicks (although she's equally as sexy) I'm not sure what her name is, but she was in a lot of music videos in the 2000 - 2002 era. She was one of my favorite video girls when I used to literally sit in front of BET and watch video's all day. If my memory serves me correctly one video I remember seeing her in was 112 - Dance With Me, I could be wrong but check it out. I cant wait for his next single, and for the purposes of R&B making a comeback I hope it's not "Hunger" lol...

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