Friday, March 27, 2009

As Making The Band Turns

This season of MTB4 is shaping up to be like the Bad Girls Club starring Day 26. Q is becoming the center of this show and he’s clearly a flight risk to this group’s success. Now with Diddy claming to not tolerate “bitchassness” on his label, why does he continue to let so much slide this season? Being the businessman that he is, maybe he just wants to film as much frustration as possible. I won’t be surprised if there are folks in the background planted by Diddy to amplify the anger even more. I mean really, Day 26 wasn’t an interesting group to watch on the prior seasons of Making The Band. They were just a random group of guys, a great voice here, a mediocre one there, not really exciting for reality tv. Danity Kane was the group everyone focused on each week to see what crazy shit the girls would do next. Now that DK is down to only two members, with no possible reunion in sight, they don’t have the same spark on the show. Day 26 are now tagged to keep the show poppin, since we all know DK and Donnie weren’t gonna make it happen…lol.

Day 26 meeting turns into an argument:

*Q’s mother (Mama Nicole) is part of the meeting rocking bamboo earrings like an extra from LL’s “Jinglin’ Baby”

*Will tells Q his focus is off…he’s caught up in dance rehearsals when they have a month to record an album.

*Brian asks Q what’s wrong with him. Q becomes argumentative and says, “Don’t play me like something is wrong with me, I’m living my life and I’m staying” uhhh ok, whatever that means…LOL.

*It ends with Q and Will fighting once again.

Que gets more “emotional”:

*Q cries about how he’s using his time wisely during dance rehearsals and the rest of them are manipulating him. Bitch please…lol.

*Q’s mother tells Will “it’s something deep”…you don’t say…LOL

Brutha 1

If I may add to this....Q's mother was SO NOT NEEDED.. even though she was on the side of the rest of the group she irked the hell out of me. Maybe if she stop putting pressure on him to support her..maybe he'll get over those emotional highs and lows.

Strangers forced to be in a music group on TV is a recipe for disaster.

Why haven't Will chin checked this fool Q already.. he got an ass whipping from regular stangers now Will needs to personally deliver one

Mike... STFU... save those unwarranted tears..i'm not 100% convinced he even knew why he was crying

I already got my ear plugs for next week... Brian is going to hit level 10 on the banshee scale.. I hope my surround sound doesnt blow out...

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